Magazine Subscription Deals on Your Favs

If you love to read, you probably have a few favorite magazines that you like to get in the mail, or perhaps you pick them up each month from the newsstand. Depending on how much you read, this habit can end up costing quite a bit, though reading is definitely a good hobby to have. Instead of paying full price for a magazine each time you buy one, you may want to see what you can find in magazine subscription deals so that you can get them early each month, and for a whole lot less than you have been paying.

magazine deals

What you may not know about magazines is that paying full price for them at newsstands or in the grocery store is a big waste of money. Some are as high as six dollars an issue, which is money you do not have to spend. Magazines do not rely on these sales to pay the bills, put the issue out, or pay writers and photographers that contribute. This money is just a bonus for them, and way for vendors to make money and to get the magazine in front of people who have never read it before. Most people do not realize this. Buying a magazine this way when you have never bought one before is a fine idea, as you may find a new favorite this way.

The price of producing the magazine comes from advertisers, and those advertisers pay according to the circulation, which is the number of subscriptions they have. Stop paying a lot for something you can get for so much less. A magazine would much rather have you as a number they can give an advertiser than for you to pay for the magazine full price somewhere else. Without a certain number of subscriptions, advertisers would not pay as much or would not be interested at all. This is why you can get a lot of magazine subscription deals out there.

You can get some pretty great magazines for some amazing subscription prices. You can get most for as little as a dollar an issue, though some are a bit more expensive, like Reader's Digest. You can see how this is not really making any money for the magazine, as they have to pay for the shipping. You can think of magazine subscription deals as a way to get the magazine delivered to your door, and often to get it earlier than it hits the newsstands, for a better price. It is all wins for you.

Not only can you get the ones that you want through magazine subscription deals, you can also come up with some great gifts for those that you love. When money is tight, a great price on a magazine that you know someone will thoroughly enjoy is the gift that gives all year long. These can also be great if you don't have much to spend, but want to give something useful to your employees. These are also great ways to earn money for schools, so ask about subscription deals that your school can sell. PTAs and other groups have earned great money for much needed supplies this way.

magazine deals